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New design ODP CA Waterproof 16 port Fiber Optic Access Box Solid Splitter Box 8 16 Core

Distribution box terminates working under outdoor environments. Splice and patch cord use separation structure easy to capacity expansion and maintenance. High quality plastic, beautiful appearance. Internal turnover structure, easy to maintenance. Connector plug durability>1000 times. Working temperature:-40℃~+85℃
  • KWFTB16J
  • Kewei fiber

Ø The product is made of high-quality impact resistant plastic and has a standard user interface that can be turned on repeatedly.

Ø Outdoor application and good UV resistant, impact resistant and waterproof

Ø It can be loaded with 1pc  1x8 LGX Splitter or 2pcs steel tube micro PLC Splitter.

Ø Unique flip splice tray, flip angle more than 180 degrees, the splicing area and the distribution cable area is more distinct, reducing the cables crossing.

Ø Numerous application such mid-span, branch and direct splice.

Ø 3 layer structure and easy to maintain

Ø It is suitable for the application on NAP in the distributed split PON architecture.

Ø Protection Level: IP55

Ø Excellent sealing performance. It is compatible with different optical cables.

Adapter type
SC Simplex/ LC Duplex
Protectio leves
Optional Accessories
Adapters, Pigtails, Heat Shrink, Mini Splitter
Box Opening Angle
Indoor Wall Hanging, Outdoor Wall Hanging
Product Feature
Water - proof, UV - proof, Laser - proof
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