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It's suit for grounding binding of cable:1/4",1/2",3/8",7/8",5/4",1-5/8",etc. Suit for feeder cable,optic cable,power cable grounding clamp.
MPO/MTP to LC Hybrid Trunk Cable allow for rapid deployment of multi-port patch field connectivity in high-density Storage Area Network (SAN) and Data Center LAN applications, ensuring efficient use of horizontal and vertical rack pathways through the use of small form factor cable. Built with modular MPO connectivity and LC connectivity, these assemblies provide compatibility, flexibility and system performance in high density LAN/SAN switch Equipment Distribution Area (EDA).
QSFP28 passive copper cable assembly features eight differential copper pairs, providing four data transmission channels at speeds up to 28Gbps per channel, and meets 100G Ethernet (4x25Gbps) and InfiniBand EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) requirements. These 100G copper cable assembly features a unique construction with individually wrapped twinax pairs, resulting in low insertion loss and low cross talk.
56G QSFP+ FDR Direct Attach Cable (DAC) is a 4-channel parallel passive copper cable for storage, data, and high performance computing connectivity. It offers 4 independent data transmission channels and 4 data receiving channels via the copper cable. The aggregate data rate of 56Gbps over 5 meters transmission can be achieved by this product.


  • Sep
    Kewei fiber Pass ISO9001 checking

    On 5th Jan, 2021, Kewei fiber attend ISO9001 checking and training to get the ISO9001 certificate

  • Oct
    If data centers are seen as manufacturing facilities, they will pay less for electricity

    The AIMS Group hopes that the Malaysian government will reclassify the data center industry as a manufacturer in the 2018 budget so it can enjoy correspondingly lower power tariffs, according to a report in the New Straits Times.“In order for Malaysia to become a world-class data center hub… it is

  • Oct
    Huawei launches the first 5G antenna deployment solution

    Huawei has partnered with Telefonica to launch what it claims to be the world’s first 5G-oriented antenna deployment solution.The company’s 5G antenna deployment solution was announced in Munich during the 2017 Global Antenna Technology & Industry Forum and directly follows the launch of the company

  • Oct
    Research: 5G connections will hit 1.4bn by 2025 as wireless rivals fibre

    Juniper Research has predicted 5G will exceed one billion connections by 2025 as wireless becomes a competitor to fibre broadband.If you’re an avid reader you will be aware 5G developments are ramping up and some players even predict a launch prior to 2020, the current target. Nokia’s CEO, Rajeev Su

  • Oct
    Telecom Infra Project focuses on millimeter wave tech in latest update

    The Telecom Infra Project, a 450-strong organisation which focuses on changing approaches to telecom network infrastructure, has announced a project around millimeter wave (mmWave) networks.The Millimeter Wave Networks Project Group, co-chaired by Facebook and Deutsche Telekom (DT) and announced at


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