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FBT Coupler production machine for PM coupler, combiner, multimode splitter production

COUPLER KWFBT-8000 fiber fused biconical coupler machine is a kind of coupler manufacturing equipment with high repeatability, good
stability and low failure rate, which specially designed for coupler manufacturers. Since putted into the market, it received
abundant popularity, it equipped with the Japanese screw module and German control system and high precision optical fiber
fixture. Besides, it has the function of data storage, productivity statistics, packaging temperature monitoring and so on.
Furthermore, it can control the coupler machine by embedded BOX machine, meanwhile, it allows display devices, keyboard and mouse
directly connecting to mainframe machine and using, which economized more room for operation.
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Item Description Use for coupler type Equipment features
PM FBT coupler machine Panda type polarization maintaining fiber coupler This model adopts 6-axis automatic taper control
Software, dedicated hardware for scientific research type taper machine,
With easy operation, low failure rate, hardware extension
Strong malleability, stretched length can be extended to
1000mm, the torch scan can be based on customer requirements
Lengthen to 600mm, equipped with 5-channel detection
, Can realize the tapering of polarization-maintaining fiber coupler
Function, with two kinds of deviation-maintaining alignment methods

400nm-3um fiber splice fused
(2+1)*1 fiber combiner
(6+1)*1 fiber combiner
(18+1)*1 fiber combiner
1310nm or 1550nm Single window coupler
1310nm & 1550nm dual window coupler
1310nm & 1550nm&1490nm triple window coupler
1310m or1550nm 1*3 fused coupler
1310nm or 1550nm 1*4 fused coupler
PM WDM 1550/980nm


Equipment Hardware Hardware function Hardware accuracy
Spindle stretching platform The stretching platform developed by imported professional precision motion component manufacturers
Stretching distance Two-way screw back movement, stretching range 0-80mm (can be lengthened) ≤2um
Fiber holder Clamping 250um 1*2-1*3 coupler general-purpose parallel burned fiber
Automatic and tight vacuum adsorption, easy to operate
Fire head movement Automatic adjustment of precision sliding table with three-dimensional stepping motor ≤0.5um
Torch size Conveniently change the inner diameter of the tapered torch of various sizes (φ 12mm/φ 10mm) ≤0.1mm
Package fixture Two-dimensional stepping motor is used for automatic adjustment of precision sliding table ≤0.5um
Package size Support the outer diameter of quartz substrate (φ 1.38mm/φ 1.8mm) ≤0.1mm
Gas flow Software automatic control can be changed according to stretch length or stretch time segment
Change real-time traffic

Precision hydrogen flow meter SEVENSTAR ELECTRONIC 300ml high-precision hydrogen flow meter ≤0.2%
Precision oxygen flow meter SEVENSTAR ELECTRONIC 100ml high precision hydrogen flow meter ≤0.2%


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