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fiber optic distribution cable

Multi Purpose Distribution Cable
02-12fibers, 900um Tight buffer fiber, Aramid yarn, PVC jacket
Comply with standard YD/T 1258.3-2003. ICEA-596, GR-409, IEC794, etc:  
Cable Code          MPC-02   MPC-04    MPC-06   MPC-08   MPC-10  MPC-12
Cable diameter(mm) 4.1±0.25 4.8±0.25 4.1±0.25 5.1±0.25 5.8±0.25 6.2±0.25
Cable weight(kg/km)  12.4 16.2 20  26 28 31.5
TBF diameter  900±50um
Mechanical Characreristics
Tensile Strength Long term 200N
Short term 600N
Cursh Tesistance Long term 300N/100mm
Short term 1000N/100mm
Bending Radius Dynamic 20×D(cable diameter)
Static 10×D (cable diameter)
Optical Characeristics

50/125um 62.5/125um G652 G655
Attenuation(+20 @850nm 3.5db/km 3.5db/km

@1300nm 1.5db/km 1.5db/km


0.45db/km 0.5db/km

0.30db/km 0.5db/km
Bandwidth(classA) @850nm 500MHz.km 200MHz.km

@1300nm 1000MHz.km 600MHz.km

Numerical Aperture 0.020±0.015NA 0.275±0.015NA

Cable Cut-off Wavelength ^cc

1260nm 1480nm
Attenuation at temperature cycling(-20+ 60℃
@1300nm 0.25db/km 0.25db/km


0.10db/km 0.15db/km

Enviromental Characteristics.
Transport Temperature   -20~+60℃
Storage Temperature   -20~+60℃
Installation Temperature   -5~+50℃
Operating Temperature  -20~+60℃

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