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Tight Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Cable , Flat Fiber Optic Cable Aramid Yarn

Tight buffer fiber, be striped easily and excellent flame retardant;
Aramid yarn makes the optical fiber cable have excellent performance of flame and tensile strength resistance;
Easy installation. Separated easily and used as single unit;
Material of outer sheath shall be corrosion resistant, water-blocking and flame retardant and environment friendly etc.
Not be influenced by electromagnetism due to all dielectric structural design.
  • Simplex multimode

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Temperature:Operating temperature: -40°C~+60°C
Storage, transportation and installation temperature: -5°C~+50°C



Technical Parameters



Nominal diameter (mm) Unit Diameter (mm) Nominal weight (kg/km) Permitted Tensile(N) Permitted Crush(N) Bending Radius(mm)
Long term Short term Long term Short term Static Dynamic
3.0*5.0 2 19 150 300 100 500 10D 20D
4.0*7.0 2.8 31 200 400 100 500 10D 20D
4.4*7.4 3 37 200 400 100 500 10D 20D


Note: The structural dimensions and materials used can be designed according to the demands of the customers.

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