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Outdoor External Facade Buildings Micro Tube Module Multitube Dielectric Cable FTTx Cable GJYFJBH Manufacturer

GJYFJBH Indoor Multi Fiber Easy Access optical cable, used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor in customer premises network. Used as access building cable in premises distribution system, especially used in indoor or outdoor aerial access cabling.
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Temperature Range Operating : -40ºC to +70ºC Storage : -50ºC to +70ºC Installation : -30ºC to +70ºC
Bending Radius: Static 10D Dynamic 20D


Fiber Type: G.652D or G.657 single-mode fiber, A1a or A1b multi-mode fiber, or other types of fiber.
Fiber Count: Total number of fibers in the cable.
Jacket Material: Environmental low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin(LSZH).
Jacket Color: (Including color of fiber) meets the requirements of relevant standards, or other contracted color.

Used in access network or as access cable from outdoor to indoor in customer premises network.
Used as access building cable in premises distribution system, especially used in indoor or outdoor aerial access cabling.


Good mechanical and environmental characteristics, convenient for achieving the branch optical line in cabling.
Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards.
Soft, flexible, easy to lay and splice, and with big capacity data transmission. Meet various requirements of market and clients.


Cable Structure


Optical Characteristics

Fiber Type
Overfilled Launch Bandwidth Effective Modal Bandwidth 10Gb/s Ethernet link length Min Bending Radius
Conditions 1310/1550nm 850/1300nm 850/1300nm 850nm 850nm  
Unit dB/km dB/km MHZ.km MHZ.km m mm
G652D 0.36/0.22         16
G657A1 0.36/0.22         10
G657A2 0.36/0.22         7.5
50/125   3.0/1.0 500/500     30
62.2/125   3.0/1.0 200/500     30
OM3   3.0/1.0 1500/500 2000 300 30
OM4   3.0/1.0 3500/500 4700 550 30
BI-OM3   3.0/1.0 1500/500 2000 300 7.5
BI-OM4   3.0/1.0 3500/500 4700 550 7.5
Structure and Technical Specifications

Fiber Count
Cable Diameter (mm)
Cable Weight (kg/km)
Tensile Strength (N/100mm) Crush Resistance (N/100mm)
Short Term Long Term Short Term Long Term
72 8.5 62 200 100 1000 300
144 10.5 80 200 100 1000 300
288 13.5 110 200 100 1000 300
NoteThis datasheet can only be a reference, but not a supplement to the contract. Please contact our sales people for more detailed information.
The cable core use the colored coating fiber of 250μm.




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