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100GHz Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating Module 40 Channel 100G AAWG

Athermal AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) is a highperformance DWDM mux/demux device operating on 100GHz channel spacing without the need for temperature stabilization. The planar processed silica-on-silicon chips comprise arrayed channel waveguides to separate or combine multiple wavelengths. Athermal AWG s allow multiplexing and demultiplexing of DWDM signals over a wide operating temperature range, without the need for heater drive and monitoring electronics.

These AWG offer low insertion loss, excellent channel isolation, ease of fiber handling, and long-term reliability in a compact package. Angnet’s athermalization technology simplifies deployment of AWG multiplexers/demultiplexers by DWDM network providers.
  • 100GHz 40channels

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~ 40CH 100G AWG Moduie (40CH 100G DWDM Mux Demux)

~lnsertion Loss Ripple:1.0db

~Optical Returnloss:40db

~Band: C-Band, L-Band, C+L-Band, Customize is optional

~Number of Channeis:16CH,32CH,40CH,48CH,Special is optional

~Spacing:50G,100G,200G,Special is optional

~Filter Shape: Gaussian, Broad Gaussian, Flat Top is optional

~Package: Module, Rack, Special is optional

~Fiber Length:0.5m,1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,3m,Specify is optional

~ln/Out Connector:None,FC/APC,FC/PC,SC/APC,SC/PC,LC/APC,LC/PC,ST/UPC,Specify is optional

Parameter Unit Gaussian Flat-Top
Channel Wavelength (nm) nm ITU 100 GHz Grid
Number of channels - 16,32,40,48 or other
Wavelength Accuracy (nm) nm ± 0.05
Insertion Loss (dB) dB < 4.5 < 6.0
Channel Passband (@-1dB bandwidth)  nm > 0.2 > 0.3
Channel Passband (@-3dB bandwidth)  nm > 0.4 > 0.5
Total Crosstalk(dB) dB > 20 > 23
Channel Ripple (dB) dB < 0.75
Isolation(dB) Adjacent dB > 25
Non-adjacent dB > 30
Max. Uniformity dB 1.2
Chromatic Dispersion ps/nm -20~+20
Max. Polarization Dependent Loss dB 0.5
Max. Polarization Mode Dispersion ps 0.5
Min. Directivity dB > 50
Min. Return Loss dB > 45
Maximum Power Handling mW 300
Fiber type - SMF-28e or other
Operating Temperature °C -5 ~+70
Storage Temperature °C -40 ~+85
Dimension mm L120 x W70 x H12
19" 1U Rack mount:431.5*250*44

 100GHz Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating Module 40 Channel 100G AAWG

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