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Universal angle adapters, 3/4" hole for snap-in hangers with one insert for conversion to a 3/8" tapped hole

  • 3/8" hole

  • Kewei

  • KW-AA34U

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Product Description:

Universal Angle Adapters provide an effective transition allowing the installer to easily secure hangers to solid angle members or in areas where mounting holes are not easily accessible.  The stainless steel construction remains corrosion free ensuring long term system integrity throughout extreme weather conditions.  The stainless steel set bolt locks the angle adapter to standard tower members or to mounting surfaces less than 7/8”  (22.2mm) thick.  Pre-formed teeth, located at the base of the angle adapters jaw, bite down on an angle and effectively secure large volumes of coax in heavy wind and ice loading conditions. 10 high compression stainless steel inserts, each having a 3/8” threaded hole, are included to allow the installer to secure hangers into position using 3/8” hardware.  The unique design also allows the installer to utilize snap-in hangers to secure coaxial cable within your system.


3/4" holes Universal Angle Adapters - (2) 3/4" holes for snap-in hangers with one insert for conversion to a 3/8" tapped hole for butterfly hangers or threaded rods.


3/8" angle adapters - (2) 3/8" tapped holes for butterfly hangers or threaded rod.





Coaxial cable support


304 stainless steel

Mount to:

Up to 7/8" (22 mm) angle members


Adapts hangers to anglemembers


3/4” holes with 3/8" tapped insert or 3/8" tapped holes


Accepts Snap-in Hangers or 3/8" hardware


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