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Military medical optical High Power Laser Quartz Optical with SMA905 connector 200um SMA905 patch cord 200-1200nm

High Power Laser Quartz Optical Fiber Patch Cord Cable SMA905
SMA905 optical fiber connector or terminal with air gap protection modified SMA905 metal connecting head, equipped large core
diameter energy fiber can meet the general semiconductor laser and low power solider laser of output energy laser
transmission.Connector can be used within the environmental protection technology of non glue technology,for further increase
energy fiber cooling effect and service life,meet the need of laser welding and cutting that high power transmission.
  • SMA

  • Kewei

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1.Good fatigue resistance
2.Connector diversification options, special custom
3.Large core optical fiber, a variety of optional specifications
4.Fiber 105um-1500um optional 190nm-2500nm wavelength range can be selected

1.Food Safety Testing
2.UV for skin care applications
3.Medical light detection device
4.Industrial control, factory automation
5.Industrial silicon, liquid, spectral detection

6.Optical applications experiments on measurement
7.Automobiles and aircraft as well as military applications