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SST cable drop type Single-Tube, Toneable, Gel-Filled Cable 1 F, Single-mode (OS2) Locatable Opti Tap Patch Cord

Patch Cords are used to provide optical connection for fiber optic electronics. The use of the patch cord provides a quick and easy method for routing fiber patches in data centers, head-ends, cellular hubs and central offices. The patch cord can be used in interconnect or cross-connect path connecting the incoming fibers to the electronic equipment and providing patching within the fiber paths. Patch Cords include simplex, duplex and Multi-fibers assemblies.

As the networking environment of today becomes increasingly dependent on high speed and high density solutions, effective cable management is a real issue. The key concern is how to manage more cable in a smaller amount of space.
  • optitap SC/APC

  • Kewei

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Toneable mini LT Flat drop cable

Toneable mini Flat drop cable offers compact, durable, and easy to locate optical fiber solution in a really accessible construction. The fiber optic cable's webbed design allows the locating wire to be easily separated from the main cable sheath by hands, providing simple, rapid routing and grounding of the locating wire.
To construct the cable, up to 12 optical fibers are placed in a 2.0mm gel-filled buffer tube to creat a flexible, easy to access core. Then 2 FRP rods are placed diametrically opposite on either side of the fiber core, providing excellent crush resistance and tensile strength during installation and over the lifetime of cable. A 24AWG copper wire is aligned along the outside edge of one of the FRP rods to provide locatability The locating wire, strength member rods, and fiber core are then encapsulated in a durable PE jacket to create a flat cable cross section and lend added protection to the cable core. Between the locating wire and the adjacent FRP rods, the jacket forms a thin web that is easily separated by hand, allowing quick removal of the copper wire from the main sheath