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MTP Female to MTP Female 12 Fibers OM4 50/125 Multimode HD Trunk Cable, Polarity A, LSZH Bunch Pull tab type

MTP Fiber Trunk cable is terminated with MTP connector on both ends. MTP trunk cables connect MTP modules together as a permanent link. The trunk cables are available with 12, 24, 48 and 72 fibers. Support speeds up to 10/40/100Gbps data center solutions. They are typically adopted to interconnect cassettes, panels or ruggedized MTP fan-outs, and to facilitate rapid deployment of high-density backbone cabling in data centers and other high fiber environments. Besides, MTP also provides much flexibility and convenience once you have to change the connector style in the patch panels. Instead of changing the connector on the cable trunk, just installing a new cassettes with the new connector style on the cross-connect side of the patch panel.
  • MTP 12/24cores

  • Kewei

  • KWMTP12/24

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The merits of MTP trunk cable generally include:

High quality—MTP trunk cables are factory pre-terminated, tested and packaged along with the test reports. These reports serve as long-term documentation and quality control.

Decreasing cable volume—MTP trunk cables have very small diameters, which decrease the cable volume and improve the air-conditioning conditions in data centers.

Time saving—With the special plug and play design, MTP trunk cables can be incorporated and immediately plugged in. It greatly helps reduce the installation time.

 MTP Trunk Patch cable is terminated with MTP connector on both ends. All of OMC’s MTP Connectors are from US Conec. MTP Trunk cable is a kind of high density cable assemblies which is generally use in three areas.

  • 1, The Data Center application with high dense degree environment
  • 2, The optical fiber to the building
  • 3, The internal connector application in fiber equipment.

The 12F MTP-MTP Trunk cable is designed for 40G QSFP+ SR4, 40G QSFP+ CSR4 and 100G QSFP28 SR4 optics direct connections and high-density data center.

The 24F MTP-MTP Trunk cable is designed for 100GBASE-SR10 CXP/CFP Interconnect Solution,100GBASE-LR4 and high-density data center.

Please Note: MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd. The US Conec MTP connectors are fully compliant with the MPO standards, achieving higher performance levels when compared to generic MPO connectors.

MTP products’ Standard& Compliant:

  • Meets IEC Standard IEC-61754-7; JIS C5982; TIA-604-5(FOCIS5); Telcordia GR-1435-CORE compliant
  • Structured cabling per TIA-568-C
  • Parallel Optics
  • Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) Compliant
  • InfiniBand Compliant
  • 10G Fiber Channel Compliant
  •  40G and 100G IEEE 802.3 Compliant
  •  QSFP Compliant

MTP Trunk cable’s Specification:MTPs-loss1

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