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Fiber optic cable GYTC8S

GYTC8S is a typical outdoor use fiber optic cable for aerial applications; GYTC8S is also called the figure 8 cable because of its structure looks like the figure 8. We supply single mode and multimode GYTC8S fiber cables from 2-fiber type to 96-fiber type.
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Structure and specification
Items unit Details
Optical fiber Type   G.652D
Loose tube Material   PBT
Diameter mm 1.8
Strength member reinforcement Material   Steel wire
Diameter mm 1.5
Wrapping Material   polyester yarns
Outer sheath Material   PE
Thickness mm 1.6
Cable diameter mm 9.5x17.9
Web Height   2.6mm
Width 1.9mm
Cable weight Kg/km 176
Tension N 5000
Crush N/10cm 1000
Messenger wire Wires 7*1.2
Outside diameter 56mm
thickness Nominal 1.0mm
Min. Bending radius Short term 20 times cable diameter
Long term 15 times cable diameter
Remark:Mechanical sizes are nominal values
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