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Power distribution unit

PDU series are modularized and multi-functional power distribution units exclusively for cabinet. The series products are designed & developed according to international standard,and obtained several invent patent, and are made up of many standards of power socket modules, controlled function module, protecting function module,surge protector module, channel surge protector module, digitaIAC amperemeter module, creepage protector module, etc. The products are applied to 482.6mm (19") standard cabinet & nonstandard cabinet, and electronic & electric equipment of high-tech fields. Modularized and multi- functional power distribution unit is with pru meth ean & novel structure, international advanced technology, safe & reliable quality, easy installation and wide usage
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  • Modularized structure
    Design and manufacturing of the product is arranged in amodularized way.
  • Diverified socket system
    The product is equipped with supply socket modules meeting different systems and standards in the world, whichputs the
    product in a rather advantageous position to satisfyclients in each country or region.
  • Diversified input characteristics
    The product can be tailored to satisfy specfic requirementson the cabinet in terms of its power input. The product is designed with diversified  power  input  methods  and  equippedwith  plug  cables specified in different systems or standards.
  • Reliable output characteristics
    Sleeves or parts subordinate to a socket are made with phosphor bronze,  the  material  famousfor  its  elasticity,  wearresistance, diamagnetism and corrosion resistance. Theproduct is a result of precision work and integral impactand forming, which ensures a reliable contact and a single-pole pull-and-plug life at 5000 times above, a safe andreliable operation, no loosening, no strike, and reliableelectric conductivity and  onnectivity.
  • Internationally prevailing system and standard
    The product, a result of design and manufacturing process meeting applicable  standards  in  the  world,  finds  particular  applications in  standard  cabinets  482.6mm  [19"]  in  terms  of  its  installation, application and othertechnical matters.
  • Optional specification
    The series products can be produced according to customers special requirement,  the  longest  dimension  can  reach  to  4600rrm,  and
    largest load can reach to double 32A.
  • Optional control switch
    The product is equipped with a power switch working in an integral control, independent control or designated control way, a power light
    module is optional to meet specific operation requirements.
  • Tailored holes pace
    The product can be tailored in terms of hole space to meetspecific service conditions and technical specifications.A tailor-made panel or
    filling module in diversifiedspecifications and dimensions can be used to partition theproduct in any space you prefer.
  • Prompt overload protection response
    The overload protector can be chosen from automatic switch protection, air circuit breaker and fuse celerity protection, which are safe & reliable, and easily replaced. There are multiple overload protecting style,forexample, whole system, single socket or appointed socket.
  • Sophisticated surging protection
    The product is equipped with a standard power surging protector,replaceable surge protection module and channel surging protector meeting  intemationallypreva  Iingstandards  Such  modules  can be  combined  to  form  a  power  surging  system  to  meet  different requirements in lightning protection.
  • Use a terminal for internal connection
    Thread ends are used for an internal connection of socketmodules,plug connectors for functional modules.
  • Quality thermal endurance and fire resistance
    All  functional  modules  are  adopted  PCIABS  plastic  materials,hot  change  temperature  reach  to  above  120'C,  fire-retardant characteristic accordswith UL94-V0 standard.
  • Current display digitization
    The system design has digital ACamperemetermodule which can be installed horizontally or vertically, and digital AC amperemeter module
    with overload automatic protecting , which can ocularly display the change of load current. Users can select according to requirement.
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