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Large diameter optical fiber cleaver SFC-XL

Large diameter fiber cleaver SFC-XL is a kind of special for cutting single fiber with diameter less than 1250um; this model does not have an angle cutting module; the large diameter fiber cleaver of SFC-XLA model has a rotating module, which can angle the fiber Cutting; the large diameter fiber cleaver of the SFC-XL-B model has a built-in large-capacity battery, and does not need to connect the power adapter when working, which is easy to move. SFC-XL series fiber cleavers are equipped with vacuum adsorption function, which makes the fiber into the slot more stable and reliable when the fiber is put into the V-groove of the insert; Reliable cutting of 80um to 1250um fiber.
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♦ Easy to use, stable and efficient, easy to maintain
♦ Can cut fiber with cladding diameter up to 1300um
♦ The typical cutting angle is 0.5°, and the section is neat
♦ Diamond blade
♦ Fiber tension can be set
♦ Battery powered for easy mobility (XL-B type)

Operation parameters   Data
  Cleaved Fiber Cladding Diameter
  Fiber coating diameter   1003000μm
Cleave tolerance    0.5°(typical)
 Cleave length   3-60mm
  Cleave blade life   Diamond, more than 20000times (typical, use 125um fiber)
 Display  5 inch colorf LCD
 Power adapter   Input AC100/240V, Output DC13.5V/5.0A
  Baterry (XL-B)   Voltage12.6V 6800mAH
  Size   240(L)*140(W)*160(H)mm
 Operation environment    Humidity 095%, temperature 040℃(no condensation
   Storage environment    Humidity 095%, temperature -4080℃(no condensation
400um fiber
1000um fiber

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