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Large Diameter Fiber Polyimide Coating Stripper

Polyimide Coating Stripper
Quick stripping of a fiber minimum 18sec.
Window stripping available.
Safer and quality stripping with no oxidization by burning.
Adjustable parameters various fiber coating, including polyimide coated
carbon fiber.
Mechanical fiber proof tester.
  • FCS-350

  • Kewei fiber

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Parameter   Data value
Type   FCS-350
Fiber material   Silica fiber
  Cladding diameter   60 to 1200 µm
  Coating diameter   60 to 1500 µm
 Fiber holder type   FC-xx
  Stripper length   1 to 35mmwindow stripper : 1 to 33mm
 Cleave blade life   350×4times
  Stripper qty   Single core each time
  Stripper time   Coating removing action × 4 : 18 sec
Coating removing action × 8 : 35 sec
Coating removing action × 16 : 60 sec 
Dimension   238*215*193mm
  Weight   6.1kg(with battery)
  Power supply   ACInput100 to 240 V 50 to 60Hz
                    DCoutput13.5V / 5A
  Built-in lithium battery
10.5V, 20400mAh
Operation Environment  Temperature 0~+40℃Humidity 95(non-dew)altitude
  Storage Environment   Temperature -20~+60℃Humidity 95(no-dew)