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12/24/48/96/144 CORES MTP Fiber Optic Male To Male 100G MPO Connector Patch Cord Jumper

MPO/MTP ribbon and trunk mulitcore cable assemblies facilitate rapid deployment of high density backbone cabling in data centers
and other high fiber environment, reducing network in stallation or reconfiguration time and cost.

MTP/MPO are used to interconnect cassettes, panels, or fan outs, it offered in fiber typs in standard 8 , 12 ,24 ,or 48 cores
versions using a compact and rugged microcables structre. The compact cable optimize cableway use and improve airflow.

These MPO/MTP cable are build with the highest quality components , Low loss elite versions are offered, featuring low insertion
loww for demanding high speed networks where power budgets are critical.
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Deploy into the transition between trunk backbone assemblies and fiber rack system
- Wide employment of high density infrastructure


MTP/MPO on one end in 8-, 12-or 24-fiber interface, with LC single-fiber connectors on another end
- Provides an efficient pathway space in operation


LC Single-fiber connector available in forms of Simplex or Duplex channeling
- High Flexibility with reducing installation time and cost


Customized furcation length to cater for different installation situations
- Enhances installation convenience


Ruggedized furcation legs: Round fanoutkit with 2.0 mm or 3.0 mm legs to single-fiber connectors
- For space saving installation and longer lifespan


Available in different fiber modes including singlemode(OS2) & multimode (OM1 ~ OM5) with customized length and structure

- Satisfies client's needs in different industries



MTP / MPO Termination 


Generic Connector Termination 


** Kewei fiber with customer to provide highly customized products with different specifications & required optical performance in a flexible pricing scheme. The above optical performance is one of our product tier only, please contact our sales for more details.



Ordering code: HR-12-B-S-SM-MR-0500-002-M-4

Item Description: Harness Assembly, 12-Fiber, MTP Female (no pin) to Simplex LC, Singlemode, Mini-Core Riser (OFNR), Furcation Length 500mm, Overall Length 2 Meters, No Pulling Eye 



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