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Fiber Optical outdoor FTTA application Hybrid cable GDTY- 2*UTP CAT5E + 4F+2*16AWG

Rugged and easy to use, Fiber/Copper Composite cable consists of flexible stranded Copper conductors and integrating
communications links utilizing Fiber Optic technologies. The breakout design provides additional protection for both the copper and fiber channels by individually protecting each with insulated jackets and all-dielectric strength members. For applications requiring remote low-voltage power and high-speed communications, these designs provide an efficient single-installation option where space is of a premium and devices are not easily accessed.
  • GDTY- 2*UTP CAT5E + 4F+2*16AWG

  • Keweifiber

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(1) The outer diameter is small, the weight is light, and the space is small (usually a series of problems that can be solved by multiple cables, here can be replaced by a composite cable);
(2) Customer purchase costs are low, construction costs are low, and network construction costs are low;
(3) It has superior bending performance and good lateral pressure resistance, and is convenient for construction;
(4) Provide multiple transmission technologies at the same time, with high adaptability and scalability of the same equipment, and wide range of product applications;
(5) Provide huge bandwidth access;
(6) Save cost, use optical fiber as reserved for home, avoiding secondary wiring;
(7) Solve the problem of equipment power consumption in network construction (avoid repeated deployment of power supply lines).


(1) Communication remote power supply system;
(2) Short-distance communication system power supply.


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