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1RU MTP patch panle with LGX cassette

The 1U Drawer Rack provide secure transitions between MPO/MTP® and LC discrete connector interfaces. They are used to
interface MPO/MTP® backbones with LC patching and active equipment connections.
The 1U Drawer Rack contain factory controlled and tested MPO/MTP®-LC fanouts to deliver optical performance and reliability. Low
loss MPO/MTP® Elite® and LC Premium versions are offered featuring significantly improved low inser on losses for demanding low
power budget, high speed networks.
  • KW-1U-144core A
  • Keweifiber



a. Maximizes density with up to 144 fiber connections in 1U for efficient utilization of rack space.
b. 19" rack mount, Color black.
c. Reliability - 100% Tested.Factory terminated and tested.
d. 144F full loaded capacity, 8*8F/8*12F/4*24F cassettes are available
e. Drawer type design with Max. 220mm drawing depth.


a.Data Centre infrastructure
b.Data communica on applica ons
c.Emerging 40 and 100Gbps Protocols compa ble
d.Storage Area Network - Fiber Channel



Opera on Temperature-10°C~+70°C
Storage Temperature-40°C~+85°C
Rela ve Humidity≤85%(+30 °C)
Air Pressure70kPa~106kPa
Dimensions (W x D x H)483mm×270mm×1U


Optical Performance

TypeWavelengthI.L. MaxR.L.Min
Elite MTP-LC(MM)850nm/1300nm0.35dB30dB
Elite MTP-LC(SM)1310nm/1550nm0.35dB50dB


Patch Panel Optical data:

1u 96 Core MTP/MPO Patch Panel

ConnectorInsertion LossReturn Loss


MTP MPO Patch Cord Optical data:

Optical fiber typeMM:4F,8F,12F,24F,48F,96FSM:4F,8F,12F,24F
Standard loss IL(dB)<0.75 dB<0.75 dB
Standard loss RL(dB)>25>50(APC),>20dB(PC)
Low loss IL(dB)0.350.35
Low loss RL(dB)>35>50(APC),>35dB(PC)



Product Name :1U Rack Mount 19 inch Enclosure Box 96 Fiber ODF fiber termination box
A adapter portsoutput LC / MTP, SC, FC, ST, etc...
B adapter portsinput 8/12/24* MTP / MPO
Housing materialSPCC steel with powder coating or aluminum
Customizebig order welcome customize, much better price.

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