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Mini Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen 2.5mm for Fibre Optical Cable

Cleaner pen removes dust and oil adhering to the ferrule endface of fiber optic connector with one push
mechanical action.

Features :
· Cleans the ferrule endface inside an adapter or connectors on jumpers by making full use of guide cap.
· Refrains from transmission error or endface damage by dirty endface.
· Comfortable and user friendly design with one click cleaning.

Applications of Mini Type :
Mini type is useful when the work space is limited and it is difficult for workers to access to adapters..
  • KWCP-25-M

  • Keweifiber

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Product Name Mini cleaner pen 2.5mm
Model Number KWCP-25-M
Applicable Fiber Optic Connector & Adapter SC, FC, ST
Applicable Polish Type PC, UPC, APC
Type Mini
Nozzle Extendability N/A
No. of Cleanings ≥800 times
Cleaning Method Dry (cleaning cloth, without chemical or solvent.)
Dimensions (mm) 110*30*18


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