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FTTH Fusion Splicer Tool Fiber Optic Cleaver KW-20 for Optical Fiber Cable Cut with 5400 Cleaves


The high precision cleaver KW-20 is designed for field use alongside the high precision splicing units. By using a rotating blade for multiple scoring positions enables a blade life of 54,000 cleaves with a cleave angle better than 0.5 degrees. The unit is constructed to be robust and field serviceable. The J-20 is the latest cleaver . Integral to the unit is a cleave length scale which helps facilitate exact lengths during cleaving.


*The material used in the cutter body is aviation aluminum, which has high hardness and good toughness.

*Cutting cutter cutting process is easy to operate, precise cutting, flat section, suitable for 250um~900um coated fiber

* Precision tungsten steel blade increases blade life

*Three-in-one composite jig, single core, and pigtail can be cut without changing the fixture

* Imported super-hard aluminum alloy material, surface treatment hardened layer up to 80μm,

greatly reducing surface scratches

* Screw holes are not easy to slip, reducing maintenance costs
  • KW-20
  • Kewei fiber

Applicable fiber


Silica glass

Cladding diameter

Φ125 um

Fiber count

Single to 12

Cleave length

5~20mm (Φ 0.25) / 10~20mm (Φ 0.9)

Cleave angle(Typ.)

0.5 degrees with single fiber

Balde life *1

54,000 fibers

dimensions (mm)





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