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Electrodes for AV6471 Fusion Splicer

Change electrode method:
First, must confirm the welding machine in a shutdown state, take the electrode chamber protective cover, screw loosen the fixed electrode extraction electrode; then release the electrode silk top, remove the lower electrode.
Secondly, the installation of new electrode, the operation steps and the method of removing the electrode is the opposite, in turn, can be operated. The two electrode tip clearance requirements for : 2.6 + / - 0.2 mm.
Finally, in the assembly process, not can touch the tip of the electrode and to prevent damage to the electrode, and avoid electrode fall into the machine internal damage caused by. After replacing the electrode, the arc position should be calibrated
Electrode cleaning and arc calibration:
1. In the electrode after the installation is complete, open welding machine power switch.
2. Welding machine into the initial screen, press the menu button to enter the menu.
3. Through the movement of the cursor is located the machine maintenance and cleaning electrode entry. After confirmation, machine will automatically discharge cleaning and electrode aging.
4. Installation must good left / right fiber, through the movement of the cursor to find the arc position, through the operation of the fiber end and two electrode tips to keep the three-point line position, the machine will discharge test, according to the actual situation can be adjusted.
5 Finally, press the menu key, turn out.
  • KL-260C,280, 300

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