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ES Suspension set clamp with hooks with maximum angle of 60 degrees

Suspension clamp assembly for abc cable is used for suspension LV insulated aerial cable (ABC) or Insulated Neutral Messenger conductors size from 16mm2 to 95mm2 in straight and at angles.It is consists of a body,movable link and adjustable lock.The standard application is to support and suspend the conductor and to provide service connection by tapping main line.The application angle is ≤50 degree.It can be used with the pigtail bolt and bracket.The installation is very easy and convenient.
  • ES-14

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ES-14 Suspension Set

 ES Suspension set clamp with hooks with maximum angle of 60 degrees


•The ES suspension Set is used to hang LV-ABC cables on poles with the insulated neutral messenger.
•It can be paired with all hooks and brackets, which are not affected by UV, weather and climate.
•The anchoring bracket is made of corrosion resistant aluminium alloy.
•The clamp and movable link is made of weather resistant and mechanically reliable insulated polymer.
Hang the self-supporting insulated wire on the bracket with maximum angle of 60 degrees.
•Standared: NFC 33-040, EN 50483-3

Item No. Cross section(mm⊃2;) Conductor(mm) Breaking load Package(pcs) Gross weight(kg)
ES-14 25-95 5-14 8KN 50 19


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