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Rack mount Fiber optic distribution box 48-core

It is suitable for connection, distribution in case of kinds of fiber connector.
  • Rack mount 48 cores

  • Kewei

  • KWGPX-48A

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  1. 19"standard installation, adjustable position in forward and backward direction
  2. Suitable for being installed in different kinds of optical distribution frame or cabinet
  3. Compact aluminum body with electrostatic spraying surface, light structure and fine-looking appearance
  4. Two core rotary distribution module is vertically arranged and can be rotated out of the box for easy operation, management and maintenance
  5. Fiber guiding hoops on front and rear sides protect fibers from distribution box patch panel electrical distribution box size mechanical damage, and are arranged to ensure bending radius protection. Fiber can be inserted into guiding hoop directly, no need of interlude
  6. Adapter panels are selectable with FC/SC/ST/LC type, according to requirement
  7. Plug-in style adapter panels can be exchange flexibly, easy for application and configuration
  8. Splicing module on the rear side is removable and suitable for field operation and maintenance
  9. Unique plastic retainer clips for optical fibers are attached, protecting the spliced fibers sufficiently
  10. Optical cable fixing and grounding unit is fit for different application
Dimension and Capacity
 Type Dimension(mm) Capacity (cores) Equipped Height(U)
KWGPX-48A H220×W482×D350 48 5
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