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FTTH Field-mounted Fiber Optical Fast Connector Click SC APC Field Connector

Fiber Optic Fast Connector make fiber terminations quick, easy and reliable. These fiber optic connectors offer terminations without any hassles and require no epoxy, no polishing, no splicing, no heating and can achieve similar excellent transmission parameters as standard polishing and splicing technology.
Mechanical Field-Mountable Fiber Optic Connector (FMC) is designed to simple the connection without fusion splicing machine. This connector is quick assembly which requires only normal fiber preparation tools: cable stripping tool and fiber cleaver. The connector adopts Fiber Pre-Embedded Tech with superior ceramic ferrule and aluminum alloy V-groove. Also, transparent design of the side cover which allows visual inspection.
  • SC fast connector
  • Kewei

Product Introduction:
● Fiber embedded, polishing in factory;
● Matching gel inside;
● Various choices;
● Applicable for different situation;

● Meet various assembly operating habits;

● UPC/APC optional.


Product Feature:

● Screw type,total length:45.3mm,excluding the dust cap and the soft tail set;

Alloy V groove;

Applied to Ø2.0 and Ø3.0 indoor cable, 0.9 invisible cable;

● The diameter of fiber coating:900 μm;

● Tensile strength:≥50N/2min.


Technical Data:

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Insert loss   AVG≤0.3dB,MAX≤0.5dB   Return loss   AVG≥55dB,Min≥50dB  
-40~+85℃   Tensile
Reuse times   ≥10times   Useful life  ≥10years 
△IL≤0.20dB,△RL≤5dB   Environment


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